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Post  Remli on Sun Oct 12, 2008 1:36 pm

Your Name: Remi

Your age: 20

Nationality: Norway

Character Name: Remli

Rank: 22

Renown Rank: 15

Class: Ironbreaker - Path of Stone (tank)

Past MMO Experience: EQ2: Most endgame material, level 70 Warden (healer), done lots of raiding, mostly main-healer job, played alot of other classes including tank. WoW: Most endgame material, level 70 Shaman, most endgame raid zones, also played alot around with other classes. LOTRO: PvP endgame and first raid-zone experience, level 50 Minstrel, was well known for mye healing on that server. Didn't play other classes on LOTRO.

Do you know anyone in Black Orc Down?: Not really, just seen alot of you around, you seem like one of the serious guilds on Order, and mature aswell, atleast I hope so Smile Hehe

Tell us about yourself: Live in my own appartment in Norway. I work from 07:00 AM to 03:00 PM every weekday. I also work-out three days a week, and currently also attending driving-school (god it's so expensive). I'm what you can call a gamer, been playing computer for about 12 years now, used to be one of the best in Norway in UT99, also played EQ2 for some years and the same with WoW and then LOTRO, also played lots of other games. I also like to go out and drink beer (what would life be without beer guys?), play poker, play pool, or flirt with girls (they're too much drama but you can't resist them anyways right?). Laid-back easy going guy all around I guess, like to joke around, but still be serious when needed. Also I'm very competative (not sure if that is correctly written but yeah, whatever), so I'm very focused on beating games, getting stronger, and so on. Hmm, if you need to know more about me, let me know Smile

Cheers, Remli


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Post  Vandire on Tue Oct 14, 2008 4:08 am

Accepted. Contact me in game.

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