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Exrodian - Dwarf Ironbreaker Empty Exrodian - Dwarf Ironbreaker

Post  Exrodian on Mon Sep 29, 2008 11:29 am

Your Name: George Jefferies

Your age: 16

Nationality: British

Character Name: Exrodian

Rank: 18

Renown Rank: 14

Class: Dwarf Ironbreaker - Willing to spec anything, preferably tank.

Past MMO Experience: World of Warcraft - 70 Warlock - Full ZG/AQ20/AQ40/MC/BWL/Naxx experience, had tier 2 at 60, then quit after getting tier 4 at 70. Very experienced player, was in best PvE guild and best PvP guild on server.

Do you know anyone in Black Orc Down?: Not at the moment Smile

Tell us about yourself: Experienced player looking for good guild to progress in Warhammer Online.


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Exrodian - Dwarf Ironbreaker Empty Re: Exrodian - Dwarf Ironbreaker

Post  Vandire on Mon Sep 29, 2008 1:01 pm

An extra tank would be nice. On the condition that you are active, accepted. Contact me in game.

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