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Emx - Iron Breaker

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Emx - Iron Breaker Empty Emx - Iron Breaker

Post  Emx on Thu Sep 25, 2008 12:29 pm

Your Name: (First name will suffice) Connor

Your age: 16

Nationality: Irish

Character Name: Emx

Rank: 22

Renown Rank: 14

Class: (Include here how you plan to spec your class, e.g. DPS Warrior Priest or Healing Warrior Priest. If you're not sure, then just say so Wink) I plan on going high level tank on my Iron breaker mainly following the Path of Stone and maybe into the Path of Brotherhood to finish off.

Past MMO Experience: (Tell us how far you got in these games, e.g. If you played WoW, how far did you get in the Arena? Or what raid instances do you have experience in?) I played Wow for 4 and a bit years and managed to clear up to SWP 2nd boss before getting bored of the things I'd been doing for 4 years.

Do you know anyone in Black Orc Down?: I know Killso IRL, the Bright Wizard that applied recently.

Tell us about yourself: I enjoy gaming, its probably my favourite hobby, well... it is my favourite hobby, the year I'm in at school includes some important exams near the end of the year so I will be studying for them. I've played RPGs since I was about 9 or 10 years old, I've always found them enjoyable. I applied because Killso and I are irl friends and try to play the game together as much as possible. I play Warhammer from when I get back from school to when I go to sleep, roughly about 10-12 when I'm not doing something, just leveling at my leisure.


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Emx - Iron Breaker Empty Re: Emx - Iron Breaker

Post  Vandire on Thu Sep 25, 2008 3:14 pm

Accepted due to the RL friend in guild and experience.

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