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Aeleisran, Lv 13 (Almost 14) Archmage

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Aeleisran, Lv 13 (Almost 14) Archmage Empty Aeleisran, Lv 13 (Almost 14) Archmage

Post  Aeleisran on Wed Oct 01, 2008 2:31 pm

Your Name: Robin Rickemark

Your age: 19

Nationality: Sweden

Character Name: Aeleisran

Rank: 13 Almost 14

Renown Rank: 12

Class: Archmage, I plan to spec Healing/Dot DPS. What a Face
MMO Experience: Played wow for 3 Year.. I've played both Horde and Alliance, Shaman (Resto, Rogue, Mage) I've done Kara/Gruul and in Arena I've gotten to around 1800-1900 as healer Smile)
Do you know anyone in Black Orc Down?:
Nope ;/ /w'd Gee for the forums ^^
Tell us about yourself:
Well, I'm a very active Swedish dude who loves to play MMORPG games.. I've got a Girlfriend who also play WAR. I'm a very kind and nice guy who try to help my best.. Hmm, dunno what to say abt myself ^^
Got any questions, don't be afraid to ask pirat
Thanks for ur time / Aeleisran


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Aeleisran, Lv 13 (Almost 14) Archmage Empty Re: Aeleisran, Lv 13 (Almost 14) Archmage

Post  Vandire on Wed Oct 01, 2008 2:58 pm

We're in need of some good PvP healers Wink Accepted, whisper me in game.

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