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Post  zytroliu on Fri Nov 07, 2008 6:02 am

Your Name: (First name will suffice)

Your age:


Character Name:
hutchimin (bw)


Renown Rank:
just about the same +/- 1.

Class: (Include here how you plan to spec your class, e.g. DPS Warrior Priest or Healing Warrior Priest. If you're not sure, then just say so Wink)
Bright wizzard atm and i going for the dot, cause i find it the best way to support the group/team i'm with.
I'm also planing to make an rp cause it seems like there aren't to many of them on the server and they are a important class to have in groups.

Past MMO Experience: (Tell us how far you got in these games, e.g. If you played WoW, how far did you get in the Arena? Or what raid instances do you have experience in?)
I have played: Guild-wars, Vanguard, Lotro, Planet side, NWN 1-2 and ofc. wow. In wow i did a lot of raiding because I found it so funny to own the Hordes Wink. I've also played a few instance but not really something i can remember and arena was after my time.

Do you know anyone in Black Orc Down?:
Yes i know Thorr

Tell us about yourself:
Alright. I'm Danish and i live Frederiksværk in Denmark. So far I'm enjoying myself with the game, though there seems to be a lack of people on the server atm.
Well /whisper me in-game if you could use me or just writhe below Smile


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