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Post  Dernox on Wed Nov 05, 2008 7:19 am

Your Name: Tommy

Your age: 19

Nationality: Sweden/Gothenburg

Character Name: Dernox

Rank: 25

Renown Rank: 20

Class: Playing as a Witch Hunter, so my spec is for pure dps.. mostly from behind Smile

Past MMO Experience: Well, played 3 other MMO games.. but World of Warcraft was prob
the game i did best in. Had a 70 resto druid, had some experience from all lvl60 instances exept Naxx.. and when it comes to TBC instances, we cleared everything up to 2nd boss in sunwell.

Do you know anyone in Black Orc Down?: Yes i do! "Majjins" Very Happy

Tell us about yourself:
Well.. Smile im 19 years old and from Sweden, and i dont do really that much stuff when im at home.
The things i do mostly do is: Playing WAR, having some fun with the Photoshop program.. erm.. hanging out with some friends maybe ( thats not often tho Razz ) I dont have a job, dont go to school.. but i will be soon again.. i quit school some month ago duo to some "gang" problems Shocked and ofc the teachers couldnt do anything.. so i was like "ooh, well.. bye bye have fun" kinda, and now Razz im really think i did the wrong thing! hehe. But i will still play WAR ofc, wont stop with that for a while!
Thats all from me i think.. but if u want anything, just ask!
Over an out!


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Witch Hunter App Empty Re: Witch Hunter App

Post  Vandire on Wed Nov 05, 2008 9:59 am

Congratulations, your application has been accepted!

Send a whisper to Vandire, Haggard or Kayuga for an invite.

Please register your in-game character name on the forum if you have not done so yet.

Welcome to Black Orc Down!

Vandire - <Black Orc Down> Guild Master

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