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Post  Tarot on Wed Oct 22, 2008 9:24 am

Your Name: Serge (Sergiu)

Your age: 27

Nationality: Romanian

Character Name: TAROT

Rank: 6

Renown Rank: 5

Class: Ironbreaker. I do intend on playing this class to the RR80 and beyond. As for the style of playing pretty much I’ll consider which role fits best for my party/guild at any given time. The way I see it an Ironbreaker has mainly two choices: A defensively spec but Offensive tank – also known as a ‘Linebreaker’ and an offensively spec but defensive tank (protecting the back lines and healers/casters) also known as a ‘Guardian’. I do intend to collect 2 sets of gear for the both roles, so I can be as effective as possible in my role. If somehow with time I find I’ll favor one over the other, I’ll definitely speak up.

Past MMO Experience:
Started with the Anarchy Online, a few months is Eve, in beta for Guild Wars.
Played WoW since it’s start in Europe. A few of my ‘achievements’ in WoW will consider of: getting pvp rank 11 in WOW-vanilla; getting “Gladiator” in Season 1 with a newly shiny Blood Elf Paladin! As far as the raiding goes I was a Naxx geared mage with lots of hours of raiding. Starting with the TBC my interest in raiding declined, and for a few months concentrated on pvp. In the end.. WoW wasn’t any longer the game for me so I slowly let it go till the point that I will not go back for WotLK.
Warhammer Online: I started WAR with the open beta, then at prelaunch I created a DoK on Eltharion server. At the moment he’s lvl 22, rr 18. But although I do like the lore behind the Destruction factions ( I do have a Warhammer Fantasy Battle – dark elf army), I cannot stand with the ‘dominating by numbers’ situation so as usually I’ll go for the underdog (call me a champion of the lost causes..Razz). So I rerolled a Witch Hunter on Clar Karond server – at the moment lvl 20, rr 17. Then into the picture got Mojo that just dragged me after him on his new server – you cannot just say ‘No’ to Mojo..Razz

Do you know anyone in Black Orc Down?: As already stated Mojomajojo and to some extend Rai.

Tell us about yourself: Usually I have a healthy sense of humor, a smart and sharp sarcasm, and a child like enthusiasm to all cool new shiny things. Most of it I keep to myself, but if you get any closer there’s enough to share for everyone. I love to pvp, and constantly improve my skills. AlsoI like games, new worlds and stories. Will always listen to a good story, and even at my age I play all day long (even my job includes playing!). I might soon change my job but I’m sure that in a way or another I’ll still find a way to play and listen.. and I’d really like to have more people to tell them about my games and stories..

Thank you.

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Post  Mojomajojo on Wed Oct 22, 2008 10:00 am

GG Serj Very Happy He is a great guy and a very good team player. I really hope he will get in Smile if you ask me he will be a great addition to the guild.

Good luck with the application Smile


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An application Empty Re: An application

Post  Vandire on Wed Oct 22, 2008 2:37 pm

Congratulations, your application has been accepted!

Send a whisper to Vandire, Haggard or Kayuga for an invite.

Please register your in-game character name on the forum if you have not done so yet.

Welcome to Black Orc Down!

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