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Application - Beefcake Empty Application - Beefcake

Post  skrotis on Mon Oct 20, 2008 1:54 am

Your Name: Robert

Your age: 27

Nationality: Swedish

Character Name: Beefcake

Rank: 28

Renown Rank: 22

Ironbreaker - I haven't decided a spec yet but thinking about either going Vengeance or Brotherhood

Past MMO Experience:
I played WoW for about 8-10 months, and got a level 70 fire mage. I played arena in a team for about a month, but we never got that far. I went to a lot of instances, but I never tried raiding.

Do you know anyone in Black Orc Down?:
Yep, Zydox is an IRL friend of mine Smile

Tell us about yourself:
I'm Robert, 27 y/o, living in Sthlm with my girlfriend. I'm working as a systems engineer for a company dealing with automatic train protection. In my sparetime I enjoy hanging out with my gf and friends, playing WAR (ofc), programming stuff, exercising (ok no, but I really need to start running again..), watching all kinds of tv series, reading, baking bread, long romantic walks in the moonlit forest .. + all that other stuff that makes life worth living.

Since I used to play a mage in WoW, I wanted to try something 100% melee when I started out with WAR. That's the main reason I chose Ironbreaker.


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Application - Beefcake Empty Re: Application - Beefcake

Post  Vandire on Mon Oct 20, 2008 3:18 am

Accepted. Contact me in game.

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