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Post  Flareon on Wed Oct 08, 2008 12:32 pm

Your Name: Shariff
Your age: 17
Nationality: England

Note: Before I move onto the next section, I just wanted to make you aware of the fact that I am currently playing as a WE on this server, however due to my real life friends (who originaly got me to play destruction) going back to WoW (curse them!) I have decided to start over and make new friends. I will be making a Bright Wizard with the follow profile:

Character Name: Flareon
Rank: -
Renown Rank: -
Class: Bright Wizard with plans of going with a mainlt Incineration build and some Immolation. However depending on any updates in upcoming patches this could change, or from any experience I have while playing.

Past MMO Experience: Ok well I have played a load of MMOs, some may not be well known but ill put them down anyway.
WoW: pre-tbc: I played an Orc Shaman with Elemental spec on Khadgar-EU, put simply all I ever did was PvP and maybe a raid here and there for specific gear. I was part of a tightly nit guild called MEAN. We always did premade Battlegrounds along with open-pvp raids , and always won them, thinking back the only ones we ever lost were when we met some of our alliance friends and decided to let them win. Things became so good that we even used to get flamed on the server forums for Ďhacking, cheating' etc, was quite funny actually. My character made it to pvp rank 'Warlord' which is rank 13/14, didnít make it to 14 as I had to stop playing for 2 weeks due to a family tragedy and as you probably know what happened when you stopped for a while with the old honor system.
My role in the guild: I originally started as a member then gradually became a officer, I was one of the officers in charge of setting up premades etc.

Post-tbc: MEAN still had its premades going etc, although we became very involved in arenaís. I was in the official MEAN arena team; we usually kept a rating of 2000 sometimes more. For the good of the team (and the changes made to shamans which I disliked) I respeced to restro at this point to be a healer in arena.

Lotro: I eventually left WoW as I wanted to try something new; I went onto Lord of the Rings online in which I played a LoreMaster. This game had great end-game pve and most of my pve experience comes from Lotro. The kin I was in did weekly runs to the Balrog and always killed him. The pvp side was half-decent; my character got to rank 10 which does take a while. Most of my gear was the pvp-epic set; everything else was normal epic gear. Overall the game was great in terms of pve, but I felt it lacked in pvp and being a hardcore pvp lover I quit and moved on to try something else.

War: Just to outline my current War character's status: rank 28 WitchElf, renown rank 19.5, I have done some dungeon runs (gunbad) and been involved in some keep sieges/defence. I also played a chosen tank up to rank 19 which I decided to stop. I have been playing war since CB in which I played a BW, I also played a BW in OB.
Shaiya: Now you might not have heard of this game, but I donít know what drove me to play this, it was probably the fact that I had my exam period so didnít want to commit myself to a p2p game for the time being. I played a ranger (much like the witch elf/ witch hunter in War) , after playing a while I got to level 54 which still is the 5 highest on the server for my particular class. I also got to pvp rank 7 which was 20,000 kills.

Application seems to be getting a bit too long so ill just name the other games I played: Runescape (reached level 101), Mu Online, Priston Tale and Gate to Heavens.
Do you know anyone in Black Orc Down?: Not atm, but I seen you on the battle field of course Very Happy and would like the chance to know you

Tell us about yourself: I consider myself to be a hardcore gamer that loves PvP with perhaps some side PvE for specific runs, eg: A specific item. I am a active gamer, only times I canít play are during the day till about 5 pm UK time, other than that I will be available for any guild event that I am online for. I am friendly person who enjoys meeting new people and becoming apart of a solid team. I always try to work for the good of the guild and will even respec to whatever the guild needs. Currently I am in school doing my 2nd year of A-levels.

Thanks for reading, my apologies for the long application guess I got a bit too excited. Hope to hear from you soon Smile


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BW Application Empty Re: BW Application

Post  Morix on Wed Oct 08, 2008 12:43 pm

Gl with your apply m8 Very Happy


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BW Application Empty Re: BW Application

Post  Vandire on Wed Oct 08, 2008 5:03 pm

Happily accepted, great app. Contact me in game once you re-roll.

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BW Application Empty Re: BW Application

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