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- Brigth Wizard Application - Empty - Brigth Wizard Application -

Post  Raiu on Mon Oct 06, 2008 5:28 pm

Your Name: Wilhelm

Your age:

Nationality: Norwegian

Character Name:


Renown Rank:20

Class: Brigth Wizard, Currently Immolation speced. My plans for the future is to try and combine the conflagration tree with a deep Immolation spec, although i might go somewhere completely different.. it all depends on the next few patches.

Past MMO Experience:

Lineage 1/2 Year: Never got far in that game, i spent most my time running around taming dogs.. I was like 8-9 years old at the time.. Laughing

Runescape: Off and on until WoW finaly arrived, spent most my time tricking people into the wilderness Twisted Evil

WoW: From release until AoC launch.

Pve: Never did much PvE, in vanilla i farmed Mc,zg,aq20 etc. In tbc i did little more than Kara raids and the occasional Gruul run.
PvP: I miss the time when there was no such thing as a Battleground.. Hillsbrad was the unofficial battleground, raids went back and down from Tarren mill to south shore, and whenever horde owned the alliance so hard that it became boring.. Some dude always formed a raid to attack ironforge.. Good times Sad

Got quite good gear in vanilla, not high warlord/marshal tho.
In tbc i had some good Arena teams witch often keept itself at 1700 - 1750 rating.

I had a 70 Warrior, Rogue, Priest and a lvl 60 Paladin.

Lineage 2: Lineage 1 with better graphics. sieges and free for all environment was kinda awesome, but the slow leveling and actual armies of bots forced me out of the game quite early.

Eve online: 1 year of epic piracy.

Warhammer Beta: 1 Year (Does this count? :p)

AoC: 1 Month, got a Assassin up til lvl 44 and a conqueror to 26. The game had potential, but the devs really screwed it up..

Do you know anyone in Black Orc Down?: Omoide, Numsu, Tapio.

Tell us about yourself: Been a gamer all my life, goes to school in hope of one day study creative game design.
On normal days i play for about 6 hours, witch is long enough by any stretch of the imagination.. On the weekends i just scare myself No
Things i enjoy include: Laning, listing to almost all forms of metal(especially finish stuff) and FPS/RTS drinking games and so on.. Suspect

When it comes to WAR my plans was screwed up, i had planed to be in the tier 4 by now but i ended up rolling alt after alt before i decided on the bright wizard.. and by then i was already far behind everyone else, i hope to catch up soon tho.

As a guildy i am quite active in guild chat, enjoy good teamwork, and love working for the common good of the guild.

If there is one thing that describe me as a gamer, its that I never give up, i am as stubborn as any good dwarf ever was.. If my mind is set on something, i won`t give up til the job is done.

I hope that you will consider my spot in the guild :3
(I am sorry if the application is a bit to long or for any spelling errors that you might find)


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- Brigth Wizard Application - Empty Re: - Brigth Wizard Application -

Post  Vandire on Tue Oct 07, 2008 1:53 am

Gladly accepted, great app. Contact me in game.

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