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Damaslaus (Warrior Priest) Application

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Damaslaus (Warrior Priest) Application Empty Damaslaus (Warrior Priest) Application

Post  Damas on Sun Oct 05, 2008 8:39 am

Your Name: Aiden.

Your age: 15.

Nationality: English (North-West / Cumbria / Lake District area).

Character Name: Damaslaus.

Rank: 14.

Renown Rank: 11.

Class: Planning to go 15 Wrath 10 Grace (DPS Warrior Priest).

Past MMO Experience: I played Guildwars a year or so back, it got fairly boring as i had nobody to play with. I also played WoW, but i quit that because i found Arena boring (Personally, i dont see PvP being put in a bowl with 4 pillars, i see it as massive battles like on WAR).

Do you know anyone in Black Orc Down?: Not personally, but last night in a warband doing some Keep Sieges with some of the Black Orc Down members and we got along okay Smile.

Tell us about yourself: Well, i live in England and have 4 brothers, 2 of which play WAR and are on Destruction side..... Not sure what else to say really xD I like to talk alot i guess. I love doing RvR and smashing pesky destro's skulls in, as well as helping other people..

**I was in Illuminati, they merged with anouther guild, and as i am not swedish, i was told to apply here**


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Damaslaus (Warrior Priest) Application Empty Re: Damaslaus (Warrior Priest) Application

Post  Vandire on Sun Oct 05, 2008 9:07 am

Accepted. Contact me in game.

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