Runepriest app.

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Runepriest app.

Post  mKs on Sun Nov 02, 2008 12:58 pm

Your Name: (First name will suffice)

Your age:


Character Name:
Thorr (rp), Thor (ib), Wardscreen (sw)

atm. 15,20,15

Renown Rank:
about the same as rank

Class: (Include here how you plan to spec your class, e.g. DPS Warrior Priest or Healing Warrior Priest. If you're not sure, then just say so )
Rp = healing and lots of it ;P, Ib = sword and board ( Im oldschool, so a healer is a healer and a tank is a tank ).

Past MMO Experience: (Tell us how far you got in these games, e.g. If you played WoW, how far did you get in the Arena? Or what raid instances do you have experience in?)
Hm.. played a lot of mmo´s. Daoc, FFXI, RF-Online, Auto-assault, Guild-wars, Vanguard, Lotro and ofc. wow

wow went in the bin before arena was out, so cant say how far I made it. But I did a few molten core raids. Didnt really enjoy it, might just have been the guild i was in. But I found the endgame in wow pretty boring and tame.

Do you know anyone in Black Orc Down?:
Can't say I do

Tell us about yourself:
Well not much to say. Im Danish, living in the town of Hillerød in Denmark.
Like the game so far, though it seems the server is pretty empty atm.
Well /whisper me in-game if you need a healer or tank, since those are my primary/alt


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Re: Runepriest app.

Post  Thorgras on Sun Nov 02, 2008 2:57 pm

seen him in bgs on duvo so he seems pretty good at his craft so far.

gl with the application friend


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Re: Runepriest app.

Post  Vandire on Wed Nov 05, 2008 9:57 am

Congratulations, your application has been accepted!

Send a whisper to Vandire, Haggard or Kayuga for an invite.

Please register your in-game character name on the forum if you have not done so yet.

Welcome to Black Orc Down!

Vandire - <Black Orc Down> Guild Master

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Re: Runepriest app.

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